prices and policies

San Joaquin Llewellins will only agree to sell its puppies to owners who expressly guarantee an intention to utilize the puppy for hunting. This is to ensure the integrity of the breed and to ensure that the pup will be able to fulfill the life for which it was bred. While Llewellin Setters are wonderful family and house dogs if properly trained, they are bird dogs first. Their purpose is to locate, point, and retrieve game for their owner. San Joaquin Llewellins makes no guarantees as to the hunting abilities of individual puppies. San Joaquin Llewellins considers it the responsibility of the puppy owner to develop the puppy's hunting abilities and obedience, which will include: proper training, time, dedication, and love. San Joaquin Llewellins guarantees each purchaser that he or she is getting a healthy socialized puppy with the potential of developing into a fine upland game bird dog and companion if it is appropriately attended to, trained, and loved. Llewellins need to be socialized into the owner's household and incorporated into the everyday life of the owner's family.

Each puppy will receive the necessary vaccinations and veterinary examinations prior to purchase. However, each puppy should be examined by a qualified and reputable veterinarian as soon after purchase as possible in order to maintain the health of the puppy and to detect any possible health problems. Puppies do not have fully developed immune systems and must receive regular vaccinations, as they are much more susceptible to diseases such as canine parvovirus than an adult dog.

Hip Dysplasia can occur in Llewellin Setters. Therefore, to ensure that the sires and dams used in breeding generate healthy puppies, San Joaquin Llewellins uses the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for hip evaluation. All of our dogs over two years of age have had their hips OFA certified. The OFA requires that dogs be two years of age for hip certification. San Joaquin Llewellins encourages potential puppy purchasers to enquire about our dog's OFA hip rating and read "Hip Guides" by OFA at San Joaquin Llewellins also encourages the puppy purchaser to have their puppy OFA hip certified after it is two years of age, especially if the purchaser intends to breed their pup in the future.

In the event that a licensed veterinarian of a puppy purchaser diagnoses that the dog has abnormal hips or another hereditary disease, we request that the puppy purchaser provide San Joaquin Llewellins documentation (e.g. radiographs, detailed diagnoses of the illness or defect, ect.) for our licensed veterinarians to evaluate. Upon confirmation by our veterinarians of abnormal hips or another hereditary disease, San Joaquin Llewellins will provide either another puppy, or guarantee of a puppy from a future litter, or a total refund of the cost of the puppy, upon the return of the unhealthy pup by the purchaser. San Joaquin Llewellins will split a reasonable air fare cost for the return of the unhealthy puppy. San Joaquin Llewellins will not pay for a puppy purchaser's veterinarian costs. If the purchaser wishes to keep the unhealthy puppy, San Joaquin Llewellins will refund one-half of the purchase price of the puppy upon proof that the unhealthy puppy has been spayed/neutered to prevent bad genes from being passed on to future litters. This guarantee is good for three years after the purchase of a puppy from San Joaquin Llewellins.

San Joaquin Llewellins guarantees that all sires, dams, and litters are registered with the American Field, Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB). It is the responsibility of a new puppy owner to register their puppy individually and to have the puppy's DNA profile filed with the FDSB (the FDSB provides their own DNA kits).

To guarantee a puppy from a specific litter, a $100 reservation fee must be received by check or money order. This reservation fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, but will be applied to the final purchase price. Reservations will be taken in the order in which they are received. San Joaquin Llewellins invites potential puppy purchasers to come see the puppies, dam, and sire prior to reserving a pup.

San Joaquin Llewellins typically charges  between $700-900 for puppies. Prices for some puppies may be  more based on unique colors (e.g., chestnut or orange colors) or breeding. Contact the litter owner for current litter price.  Special payment arrangements may be considered. Puppies must be picked up at 8 weeks of age, but no later than 10 weeks. Special circumstances for picking a puppy up later than 10 weeks of age will be considered however. For an additional fee, San Joaquin Llewellins will arrange to meet a puppy purchaser within a 200 mile drive of Clovis, California, for the delivery of the puppy. Under certain circumstances and for additional costs, San Joaquin Llewellins will ship a puppy via air carrier. Costs for shipping, a veterinary health certificate, kennel, and travel to and from the nearest airport (six hours round trip) will be added to the purchase price of a puppy.