King's Blizzard Bounce  1503047

Dancy's Pedigree

Dancy came to us from Firecreek Kennel in South Carolina.  She was my first Llewellin, after years of raising Labs.  I really loved her size (45 pounds) compared to my Lab (110 pounds) and the fact that she didn't shed like the Labs.  I got out the Gun Dog training book by Richard Wolters and thought I was pretty good at training, because she caught on to everything, pretty much the first time I tried it.  Now I know it's instinct, the breed and the breeding that matters, with a little bit of time and training.  Dancy has been the best dog I have ever had, and she continues to amaze me and everyone that hunts with her in the field each season.

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Bailey's Bomber Gracie  1507541